Food for thought.

You know I was just thinking everyone would always say ” Man you’ve really got it” and I would think to myself , really got what? Of course then I found out they meant the gift ,the groove, the goods and all that. A born natural. Then I would think oh no a born natural what? How ever just the opposite is true. I worked very hard to learn how to play and how to listen. How hard was it for me you say ? ¬†Well it took me six months after getting my first guitar at 13 to understand you had to push down on the strings to make a note sound. So I spent six months running my fingers up and down the strings and trying to understand why the notes would not change .Needless to say the first note that I fretted and pushed down on was an amazing experience. From then on I played for about 12 hours a day. Moral of the story anyone can learn to play and to listen. Cheers. ¬†From Humble Beginnings.